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GE Home Security

If you own a home, your concern may be your family's safety, your possessions or maybe the investment you've made in a rental property. Either way, GE home security systems can help.

GE home security products

GE Interlogix Helps Address False Alarm Issues: In response to growing police concerns over false alarms, GE Interlogix now provides audio alarm verification/two-way voice as a standard feature on all of its Simon® 3 panels. While many security manufacturers offer two-way voice as an add-on option, GE Interlogix presents it as standard and at no additional cost to dealers.

If users are in a serious, life-threatening situation, they don't want police to respond as if it were a routine call. On the other hand, if an alarm is triggered accidentally, users don't want police to come at all. Voice-Activated Switching (VOX) allows users to verify the seriousness of an alarm to the Central Monitoring Station or cancel an accidental alarm without the hassle of a telephone call or pressing buttons.

GE SmartSecurity™ Offers Home Protection: GE SmartSecurity Wireless Do-It-Yourself Alarm and Self-Monitoring System is a self-contained wireless security system and lighting control center with the keypad, control unit, and sounder built into one compact enclosure.

If a problem is identified by one of the sensors, the system calls up to three phone numbers, alerting the homeowner with a voice that explains the problem. The system puts the consumer in control. If there is a problem identified by one of the sensors, the homeowner can then decide whether to call 911, or a neighbor, to address the situation. The user can even disarm and control the system over the phone line or with a wireless remote.

GE Interlogix Introduces the Allegro™ Security System: GE Interlogix announced the availability of the new Allegro security system. A revolutionary addition to the GE Interlogix family of security systems, the Allegro is specifically designed for apartments, condominiums and smaller homes. Allegro offers up to 20 zones of burglary and fire protection. With a built-in keypad and siren that is capable of 85 dB, Allegro is well-suited for multi-family buildings.

What distinguishes the Allegro from other security systems is the physical separation of the control panel and telephone module, the Dialog™ Telephone Interface Module (DTIM). The DTIM is a battery-operated communication link between the control panel and the central monitoring station. It receives radio signals from the panel, then uses the phone line to report security events to the central monitoring station.

The DTIM provides added security by separating the telephone interface from the panel. If the panel is damaged during a break-in or fire, the DTIM can still report to the central monitoring station. Physically separating the DTIM from the panel also ensures that the panel can be placed in the most convenient position for the resident, while the DTIM can be positioned in a location that maximizes security and quick installation.

Top Reasons to Choose GE Home Security

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(Information of this page updated on February 6th 2007)

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